The National Union of Public Service and Allied Workers (NUPSAW) is pleased to announce that it has finally been re-admitted to the Public Health Social Development Sectoral Bargaining Council (PHSDSBC). Our application for admission was granted following a Special Council meeting held on 21 April 2022.

The PHSDSBC made the official announcement on Monday 25 April 2022. We would like to convey our utmost gratitude to our members who remained steadfast and loyal to our course. Without your continued support, we would not have reached this revolutionary milestone.

Even though returning to the PHSDSBC seemed like a far-fetched ambition, given the mammoth requirements, you remained firm in your show of support and never lost hope.

Now that we are back in the council, we are going to intensify the workers’ struggle with renewed vigour and strength. We are going back to the bargaining council to unite workers in order to advance the objective of better working conditions.

NUPSAW would like to also appreciate the sterling job done by recruiters, staff and the entire leadership of this organisation. The collective contribution of everyone made this possible.

This is a massive victory for the working class, and it shows how much more we can achieve through workers’ unity.