The National Union of Public Service and Allied Workers (NUPSAW) strongly condemns the suspension of a whistle-blower from Rahima Moosa hospital.

NUPSAW has taken note of media reports stating that Dr Tim de Maayer has been placed on a precautionary suspension.

This comes after an open letter he wrote to the Gauteng health department, highlighting the poor state of the Rahima Moosa Hospital, which is common knowledge in our view.

In his letter, he mentioned that the horrendous conditions of the public hospitals contribute to the deaths of children.

It’s public knowledge that the Health department hemorrhages billions of rands in settling negligence lawsuits. It is our view that the most contributing factor in that, is the poor state of the public hospitals.

It is shocking that the department would suspend a doctor for mentioning something that we all know and agree on. But it’s not surprising because this has been the department’s modus of Operandi. We have members working in different hospitals across Gauteng who have also been subjected to victimisation because they spoke out against maladministration and corruption.

What is even more sad, is that the department is pushing out workers who are skilled and clearly care about the welfare of their patients. Health facilities across the province and countrywide, have a serious shortage of doctors, and to get rid of a doctor in this manner, is appalling, to say the least.

We are calling for an immediate reinstatement of Dr Tim and all Gauteng health workers who have been suspended and dismissed for simply speaking out against the department’s unlawful conduct.