NUPSAW have a mandate to sign the salary agreement from members

Public service unions collectively resolved to suspend the strike for 21-days last month following governments revised final offer of 7.5% Salary-Increase and R800 Housing-Allowance, period lapsed on Sep 27. The government signed the draft agreement on September 13, while unions were given till October 12 to conclude the signing.

Pending the suspension, renegotiations continued through a series of meetings between the government and unions, main issues being the partial amendment of the RESOLUTION NO OF 2010. Unions objected to; the final written warnings to essential services who participated in the strike. The objection was supported for this would have been prejudicial to employees; allowing the government to dismissed employees for similar misconducts in future if committed within that period.
Secondly, the once-off salary deductions for ‘NO WORK NO PAY’ for employees on strike for 4-days or less, was replaced with staggered deductions over a period of three months based on working hours lost, calculated as follows 1-day (annual basic salary/365).
Parties further concluded to ‘return to 1 April for future salary adjustments’; the general salary adjustment for 2011 will be with effect from 1 May 2011; while 2012 salary adjustments will be with effect from 1 April 2012.

The majority of members in favour of the final offer gave National Union of Public Service and Allied Workers a go-ahead as per the consultation. The strike outcome still remains a victory and the housing-allowance offer is the first step in security stable living environment.

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Nomthandazo Mahlangu
Communications and Media Liaison Officer