Public Health and Social Development Sectoral Bargaining Council

The PHSDSBC can be traced back to the Labour Relations Act which states the Public Service Co-ordinating Bargaining Council may, in terms of its constitution and by resolution designate a sector of the public service for the establishment of a bargaining council.

  SummarySummaries of draft resolutions that are currently before the PHSDSBC January 2019
  Resolution 3Agreement on the transfer of employees from the NDoH to the SAHPRA
  Resolution 2Agreement on payment of annual statutory registration fees in respect of Health Care Occupations
  Resolution 1Agreement on the standardization of remuneration for CHWs in the Department of Health
  Resolution 4Agreement on the payment of a special allowance and danger allowance
  Resolution 3Amendment of the PHSDSBC Consitution- admission of trade unions to the council
  Resolution 2Framework agreement on payment of a rural allowance
  Resolution 1Memorandum of agreement between NDoH and OHSC
  Resolution 1Agreement on the transfer and placement of the inspection and compliance function in the NDoH
  Demand 12015 / 2016 Labour Consolidated Demands
  Resolution 5Co-ordination of caucuses
  Resolution 4Agreement on the operation of Caucuses
  Resolution 3Agreement on the establishment of PHSDSBC’s Committees
  Resolution 2Amendments to the rules for the conduct of the proceedings before the PHSDSBC
  Resolution 1Agreement on the agreement on the amendments of the constitution of the PHSDSBC
  Resolution 3Increase of levies in the sectoral bargaining council
  Resolution 2Transport of port health services from provincial to national department
  Resolution 1
  Annexure A
Recognition of approved qualifications. Annexure A:Qualification list – PHSDSBC.
  Resolution 1Danger allowance for identified EMS categories
  Resolution 2OSD for engineers, technologists, technicians, artisans, and scientists in the health sector
  Resolution 1Purchase of office
  Resolution 3Appointment of full-time shop stewards and office bearers
  Resolution 2Amendment of Constitution – Admission of trade unions to PHSDSBC2-2011
  Resolution 1Repeal PHWSBC Resolution 1 of 2004 – non-pensionable scarce skills allowance
 We are unable to upload the resolutions of 2010. Contact NUPSAW at Tel. +27123421674
  Resolution 3Qualifying occupations for OSD
  Resolution 2Implementation of OSD for social services professions and occupations
  Resolution 1File too large for uploading. Please call the national office for any inquiries.
  Arbitration AwardOSD for nurses
  Resolution 7Co-ordination of caucuses
  Resolution 6Amendments of Resolution 4 of 2008 -Amendments of the constitution of the PHSDSBC
  Resolution 4Amendment of Resolution 1 of 2007 – Constitution of PHSDSBC
  Resolution 3Amendment to Resolution 1 of 2005 – Uniform Allowance
  Resolution 2Amendment to Resolution 1 of 2003 – Appointment of full-time shop stewards
  Resolution 1Amendment to the fee structure of pre-dismissal arbitration
  Resolution 3 part 5A phase of translation – Salary recalculation based on relevant experience
  Resolution 3 part 4Translation tables – Primary health care stream
  Resolution 3 part 3Translation tables phase 1 – Nurses: professional, staff and auxiliary
  Resolution 3 part 2Career streams, salary scales, appointment requirement, recognition, experience, progression
  Resolution 3 part 1Implementation of OSD for nurses
  Resolution 3Implementation of OSD for nurses
  Resolution 2Operation of PHSDSBC Chambers
  Resolution 1Amendments Constitution of PHWSBC
  Resolution 3Rules for conduct for proceedings before PHSDSBC
  Resolution 2Amendments to Constitution of PHWSBC
  Resolution 1Transfer employees from Social Development to SASSA1 – 2006
  Resolution 3Dispute procedure – cases emanating from Res 7 of 2002 of PSCBC
  Resolution 2Administering disciplinary hearings
  Resolution 1Uniform allowance
  Resolution 3Dispute procedure on cases
  Resolution 2Revised non-pensionable recruitment allowance / rural allowance
  Resolution 1Recruitment and retention allowances – scarce skills
  Resolution 2Levy agreement
  Resolution 1Appointment of full-time shop stewards 1-2003
  Resolution 3Appointment Conciliators and Arbitrators 3-2002
  Resolution 2Amendments to Res 3 of 2000 – Dispute resolution procedures
  Resolution 1Acting allowances
  Resolution 3Needle Stick injuries
  Resolution 2Amendment to constitution Establishment of Bargaining Council Committees
  Resolution 1Establishment of Public Health and Welfare Sector Bargaining Council Comm.
  Resolution 6Amendment Clauses 6.2 and 8.2 of Constitution of PHWSBC
  Resolution 5Amendment Schedule 2 – Dispute procedure for PHWSBC
  Resolution 4Appointment panel conciliators and arbitrators
  Resolution 3Implementation Dispute Resolution Procedures
  Resolution 2Allocation of funds
  Resolution 1Application for transfer and utilization of R10 million to PHWS