The Safety and Security Sectoral Bargaining Council

Was established in terms of Resolution 12/98 of the PSCBC. The SSSBC is a result of the amalgamation of the National Negotiating Forum (NNF) and the Department of Safety and Security Departmental Bargaining Council. The SSSBC has 136 records of agreements on its database which relate to the rules of engagement, remuneration and benefits, and the utilisation of funds.

Agreement 2Levy Agreement
Agreement 1Translation of 10111 call centre operators posts utilised within the South African Police Service
Agreement 3Agreement on the job evaluation and grading of entry level posts within the South African Police Service
Agreement 2Agreement on the grade progression of members of the South African Police Service in respect of the 2018/2019 financial year
Agreement 1Special dispensation for pilots employed in the South African Police Service
Agreement 4Grading of public service occupational categories
Agreement 3The grade progression of members of the service in respect of the 2017/2018 financial year
Agreement 1Agreement on clothing credit
Agreement 4Agreement on the envisaged revised rank structure for the SAPS
Agreement 3Agreement on admission threshold
Agreement 2Agreement on the special dispensation of grade progression of Constables
Agreement 1Agreement on the release of National Office Bearers
Agreement 3Recognition of improved qualifications
Agreement 2Policy on recognition of improved qualifications
Agreement 1Procedural agreement
Agreement 3Agreement on overtime
Agreement 2Special daily overtime allowance for policing duties at special events
Agreement 1Levy agreement
Agreement 1SAPS discipline regulators
Agreement 3Promotion and grade progression policy of the SAPS
Agreement 2SAPS Rank Structure, Revised Promotion Policy and matters related thereto
Agreement 1Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
Agreement 1Daily Overtime Allowance
Agreement 3Remunerative allowances and benefits
Agreement 2Rules of engagement
Agreement 1Review and consolidation of agreements entered into at NNF and SSSBC in 1994
Agreement 2Dispute Resolution of SSSBC
Agreement 1Constitution of SSSBC
Agreement 4Agreement on Overtime
Agreement 3Release of National Office Bearers
Agreement 2Amendment to Agreement 4 of 2005