[icon name=”images”] Eric. J Sibeko House official opening  [icon name=”images”] Western Cape Provincial Congress 2021  [icon name=”images”] North West Provincial Congress 2021
[icon name=”images”] Port Elizabeth Court picket [icon name=”images”] SAFTU National Strike 2021 [icon name=”images”] Free State Provincial Congress 2021
[icon name=”images”] Public Service Demonstration    
 [icon name=”images”]OBP SHUTDOWN Picket [icon name=”images”]  KZN Demonstration [icon name=”images”]Northern Cape Congress 2020
 [icon name=”images”] ALL NIGHT VIGIL AND PROTEST [icon name=”images”] 2020 CHWs Provincial Marches [icon name=”images”]National Day of Action
[icon name=”images”] NEC Closing meeting 2019  [icon name=”images”] May day  
[icon name=”images”] Public Investment Corporation (PIC) workers march [icon name=”images”] Secretary training 2019 [icon name=”images”]National General Council 2019
[icon name=”images”] EDC March Union Buildings [icon name=”images”] NEC Workshop [icon name=”images”] Western Cape
[icon name=”images”] CHW [icon name=”images”] Limpopo Media Conference  
[icon name=”images”] 6th National Congress [icon name=”images”] Wellness Day [icon name=”images”] North West Provincial Congress
[icon name=”images”] Limpopo Provincial Congress [icon name=”images”] Gauteng Provincial Congress [icon name=”images”] May Day
[icon name=”images”] Workers Summit New Federation [icon name=”images”] Vehicle Handover [icon name=”images”] Gauteng CCG March
[icon name=”images”] Eastern Cape Provincial Congress [icon name=”images”] Western Cape Provincial Congress  
[icon name=”images”] GP Open Day [icon name=”images”] CCG March [icon name=”images”] AFRECON Botswana
[icon name=”images”] May Day [icon name=”images”] National General Council [icon name=”images”] Women’s day
[icon name=”images”] Eastern Cape Mayday Rally [icon name=”images”] CCGs Protest March in KZN [icon name=”images”] Madiba Condolences
[icon name=”images”] CCG March    
[icon name=”images”] Industrialisation [icon name=”images”] Consawu Youth Conference