To become the biggest and most progressive trade union in the public and private sectors



  1. To create structures and infrastructures to serve the best interests of members.
  2. To use these structures to defend, at all times, the job security of members and to use all resources at our disposal to fight unfair dismissals, retrenchments, redeployment and other mechanisms used by employers that could affect job security.
  3. To endeavor at all times to have a worker’s participation in decision making.
  4. To ensure a culture of democratic decision-making and accountability at all levels.
  5. To eradicate all forms of oppression, exploitation, and discrimination of workers.
  6. To ensure living and just wage for all workers.
  7. To ensure that all conditions of service such as hours of work, leave, pension, homeowners’ allowance and other benefits are in the best interest of members.
  8. To provide the best and most competitive funeral benefits, medical aid, loan schemes and discount benefits for members.
  9. To create an organizational structure free of racism, tribalism, ethnicism, sexism, gender, disability and class discrimination.
  10. To promote unity amongst workers and the working class irrespective of political party affiliation.
  11. To fight political injustice, corruption, and nepotism at all levels and to ensure the proper distribution of social and economic resources in a just, equitable and humane manner.



Workers First