Collective Bargaining

As a trade union committed to the eradication of all forms of oppression, exploitation and discrimination are admitted to the PSCBC and major sectoral bargaining councils in the Public Service. The sole reason for our existence is to regulate the relationship between employers and employees. As registered union and admitted party to the above, NUPSAW is capable to provide it is with the following services:

Negotiating fair terms of remuneration and representing their interests in various bargaining councils.
Protecting their service benefits (e.g. medical aid, pension, and housing subsidies).
Addressing issues such as fair and reasonable working conditions, hours of work and leave entitlements.
Protecting the rights of members by harnessing its professional, legal resources to defend them in the situation of unfair labour practice or infringement of constitutional rights.
For updates on developments in the various bargaining councils, go to News Flash under the News Category