Zevenwacht employees should not be dismissed. However, to stress the importance of compliance with picketing rules and a court order, which compliance is fundamental to upholding the rule of law in society, it is appropriate that the employees be given a final written warning for breach of picketing rules andContinue Reading

Who is presiding as commissioner over our Dis-Chem member’s arbitration hearings? One of NUPSAW grievances is that she uses her agency, Labour Elite agency when she is handling the arbitration hearings on the charges that Dis-Chem holds against our members. The charges they have against us are about NUPSAW membersContinue Reading

The matter on revised vote weights for the National Union of Public Service and Allied Workers (NUPSAW) in the Public Health and Social Development Sectoral Bargaining Council (PHSDSBC) was set on the 03 May 2019 before Commissioner Mohammed Rajah.  We objected to him presiding over the case since he wasContinue Reading

How could Cyril Ramaphosa, as president and seasoned trade unionist, insult and humiliate the working class by promoting on Workers Day the National Minimum Wage Bill that sets the current minimum wage at R3500? He even went so far as to congratulate the sell-out union NEHAWU who was the instigatorContinue Reading

NUPSAW calls on all its members in KZN who have not been affected by the disasters caused by rain and floods to actively work with the community by giving help and support to those in need. Be it with food, clothes, blankets, toiletries, accommodation, transport or any act of kindness.OurContinue Reading

The strike at Dis-Chem Pharmacies which had its offset on 16 November 2018 officially ended today, 10 April 2019, with workers going back to work. Dis-Chem announced that many of the strikers will be dismissed and that disciplinary action will be taken for misconduct during the strike. However, as muchContinue Reading

Early Retirement of Public Servants without penalization of pension benefits. On 4 April 2018 the Employer made a presentation during the negotiations in the PSCBC facilitation process, quoting President Ramaphosa’s statement during the State of the Nation Address as follows: “Growth, development and transformation depend on a strong and capable state.Continue Reading

Public service co-ordinating bargaining council (pscbc) resolution 1 of 2018: agreement on the salary adjustments and improvements on conditions of service in the public service for the period 2019/2020.  PSCBC Resolution 1 of 2018 provides among others for the following cost of living adjustments for employees on salary levels 1Continue Reading