Free Funeral Scheme

NUPSAW does not only care for you in your working life, but it cares for you and your family in the case of bereavement. In this regard, NUPSAW has now increased the benefit amount of the free funeral scheme cover for all its members and their dependents provided they pay their membership subscription fee of R65 per month or 1% of their basic salary up to a minimum of R85 as determined from time to time by the NEC

The funeral scheme for a member, spouse and children payout upon death as follows:

                                                                                    Benefit Amount

  •     Members                                                    R10 000
  •     Spouse                                                        R10 000
  •     Children 14 -21 years                               R8 500
  •     Children 6 -13 years                                 R5 950
  •     Children 1-5 years                                    R4 250
  •     Stillborn -11 months                                R2 125

NOTE: There is no waiting period for the main member but six months for the spouse and children.


On Retirement

If a member has been a member for more than 5 years and they reach the retirement age (65 years) the member will stop contributions and still have full benefits. This came into effect on 1 April 2014.

Upon the death of the main member

Upon the death of the main member, the other members on the policy, eg. the spouse and children, will still be covered, provided they are still within the age limits.

The Scheme, in case of children, covers them until the age of 21 notwithstanding that they are students or not.

In the event of a death in the family, the following documents must be submitted to the Union office together with the claim form:-

  1. Certified copy of the death certificate of the deceased.
  2. Certified copy of the ID of the deceased with the photo being stamped.
  3. Certified copy of the ID of the beneficiary or Claimant.
  4. DHA 1663 notification/register of death.
  5. Proof of relationship with the deceased i.e. marriage certificate, affidavit or letter of appointment.
  6. Latest payslip of the member.
  7. In the case of a child who is still a student and over 21, but less than 25 years old, a letter from the school, university or college confirming his attendance at the time of death.
  8. Copy of claimant’s bank statements for the last three months.
  9. Submission of B11663 form.
  10. A police report (post mortem) in the case of death due to unnatural causes.

The scheme is underwritten by Assupol

The above documents are also required for claims to the Government Employee Pension Fund (GEPF) if a member is employed in the public service.