NUPSAW, as an affiliated member of the South African Federation of Trade Unions (SAFTU) supports its plea for solidarity with the plight of the Employees of 10111 Call Centres and has also called on its members to join the nationwide picket that was held on Friday, 11 August 2014.

The South African Police Union (SAPU) is demanding salary increases recommended by a task team set up by suspended Police Commissioner Riah Phiyega in 2013. Workers at the 10111 call centre earn less than workers who do the same work at other government institutions SAPU and the SAPS management had initially agreed to let the mediation process unfold at the CCMA‚ thus resulting in the strike being temporarily postponed.

However, SAPU withdrew from the negotiations after it accused SAPS management of delaying the speedy resolution of this issue by rejecting any proposal tabled by the CCMA commissioner.
Since no progress has been made with Friday’s picketing NUPSAW, together with other SAFTU- affiliated unions, are also contemplating embarking on secondary strike actions.

Accusations from POPCRU that SAPU / SAFTU is now resorting to intimidation by calling on solidarity from the broader community, the unemployed, those who are active in other occupations and SAFTU trade unions are deliberately misleading. They still have this over-optimistic believe that after three years of the Employer dragging its feet, and with no results from the conciliation and mediation process a speedy arbitration will be possible.

“NUPSAW is of a clear mind that SAPU and the Federation can no longer allow the underpayment of employees who have to guard over the safety of the public while at the same time affording the essentials for their own livelihood has been denied for so many years,” says Mataitsane.

“Therefore, NUPSAW will fight, in solidarity, all attempts from the Employer, to apply for a court order to interdict a protected strike, especially at the occurrence of any small offensive acts or bringing an urgent application to the Labour Court to declare a protected strike as unprotected”, Secretary of NUPSAW,” continues Mataitsane.

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