Victory to NUPSAW following their march to the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA) earlier this year, regarding exploitation of the workers by Dischem Pharmacies, the abuse of power and corruption by the Commissioner Marleze Bligaunt and others.


NUPSAW members embarked on a long strike on the 13th May 2019 to CCMA, to fight for their basic rights, decent living wages with benefits and a racism free comfortable working environment at Dischem Pharmacies following Commissioner’s Marleze Blignaunt connived with Dishem by imposing picketing rules which was biased to the employer.


The Commissioners were currently using their Agency called Labour Elite to assist their employer to destroy our members, hence NUPSAW served CCMA with a memorandum to start investigating Marleze and others.


CCMA embarked on an investigation which entailed an interview with NUPSAW officials and some of the members who were involved with all the evidence provided. Commissioner Marleze and others were also allowed to respond to the allegations against them.


After consideration of all the submissions by all the concerned parties, an outcome report on the complaint from NUPSAW, CCMA found that Marleze Blignaungt and Mohau Ntaopane guilty for breaching the Commissioner’s code of conduct and the CCMA has recommended a termination of their contracts. While Natalie Willemse was not found guilty.


NUPSAW will continue to fight exploitation, oppression and discrimination of workers wherever they are in they workplaces.


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