The National Union of Public Service and Allied Workers (NUPSAW) condemns the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) for failing to mandate protection for Prosecutors working during the COVID-19. With several complaints, NUPSAW will not compromise the safety of the workers and will do everything in our power to protect the working class. Everything possible must be done to protect their safety. NUPSAW is calling for government oversight to ensure proper PPE are in place to protect workers at NPA.


We are concerned that NPA workers are continuing to work without proper PPE for another week or more. Workers working at Courts are extremely concerned about the pandemic. There has been no mask: no gloves: no sanitizers. The equipment is also essential to prevent workers from passing the virus on to other workers in the court, many of whom are at high risk due to poor health. Our workers would need to use personal protective equipment every time they enter a room. Earlier today, NUPSAW dispatched an email to Advocate Pather to discuss the situation at facilities in Eastern Cape such as EL; Queenstown; New lock and Jansenville court. Unfortunately, we have not received any response.


Our members are risking their own safety to provide a service. All risks in the workplace must be controlled and the very least employers should do to protect all workers is to provide the highest level of PPE available in these circumstances.


NUPSAW is calling on the government to intervene and ensure that NPA puts the safety of its workforce first. We demand that NPA take action to support the workers to enable them to continue to work during the lockdown with immediate effect.


If NPA can’t protect the workers, we cannot allow our members to go and get infected by the pandemic.


For more information:

Kagiso Makoe

NUPSAW Media Officer

Cell: 083 712 1614