The National Union of Public Service and Allied Services condemns Dr S.Z Mathaba East Rand Hospital CEO for embarking on recruitment of staff and disregard of lockdown regulations. NUPSAW will be opening a case against the Hospital CEO for violation and breaking the regulations of Disaster Management Act. We also demand for an immediate standstill on all advertised positions.


On 7 April 2020, the CEO, Dr S.Z Mathaba advertised the following positions, Material Recording Clerk (level 5) and Operator (level 3) respectively. The applicants were encouraged to submit their applications at the hospital’s Human Resource (HR) Department, which is in complete disregard of both the internal regulations regarding visitors to the hospital and the National Lockdown Regulations restricting movements for non-essential service activities.


Two staff members went to Springs Police Station this morning to report the CEO for this violation. To their dismay and disappointment, they went sent from pillar to post, and after about 3 hours they left without opening a case. Their concern was that as soon the police heard that they came to open a case against a hospital CEO, they made the process extremely difficult for them. These are the same police we see on daily basis on social media arresting people based on pictures of people partying posted on social media, yet they took the two staff members from pillar to post even though they were presented with proof.


This is in violation of the terms of the lockdown and we are also informed that there are no safety measures implemented to make sure that the COVID-19 virus does not spread among all employees and this is extremely worrying.


On the 9th of April 2020, one of our members, a cleaner, was deployed to a Covid-19 Ward with a suspect patient, against her consent and without training and adequate personal protective equipment (PPE). Also in the ward, was a nurse who was provided with the prescribed personal protective equipment (PPE), our member who was wearing her private clothing was only provided with a plastic apron, gloves and mask. She was only given about an hour’s crush course on the 16th of April 2020. On Thursday, 9th of April 2020 she was deliberately exposed to danger.


NUPSAW encourages all workers to check Occupational Health and Safety compliance and report the greed of their bosses, so that they are arrested immediately. South African Police Service (SAPS) and military need to take action against any employers and organisations that attempt to continue operations that put the workers and public at risk while they do not fall under the category of essential services.


Attached are the advertisements of the concerned posts, clearly indicating that applicants should come and hand deliver their applications at the hospital.


For more information:



Kagiso Makoe

NUPSAW Media Officer

083 712 1614

Solly Malema

NUPSAW National Organiser

082 323 2958