The labour representatives from the Independent Labour Caucus (ILC) and Cosatu and the Employer’s representatives, reached an agreement yesterday to postpone the salary negotiations, with the exception of NUPSAW.
NUPSAW is of the view that negotiations must be concluded long before the start of the World Cup.

The ILC was ready to declare a dispute on Tuesday but had to accede to the fact that Cosatu though it supported and foresees that the dispute is real and unavoidable they needed to consult with their principals before formally declaring a dispute.

The employer requested an indulgence resulting from the absence of the mandatory committee and also to draw up the necessary paperwork before responding to the labour. The request was granted till next week Friday. Nevertheless, labour also made it clear that come Friday they will only accept the employers counter offer.

NUPSAW’s General Secretary, Success Mataitsane was adamant in his statement that, “we did not accept the employers’ explanation; alleging that their mandatory committee could not meet since they should have met by now. The GS continued to say that “it’s our considered view that declaring a dispute is part of a negotiations tactic which is an inherent mandate to all negotiators”.

The labour had tabled its wage demands of 11% to the employer which was to be implemented by April 1st, 2010. Following Resolution 1 of 2007 and Resolution 5 of 2009 for the purpose of the 2010/11, the demands include the following implementations:

(i) An increase in the housing allowance from R500 to R1 650, in promotion of home ownership.
(ii) Resolve the unequal medical aid subsidy by providing equal subsidies to all employees.

In his argument, NUPSAW’s General Secretary concluded by saying that “the employer is playing ‘monkey games’ except that the trade union is no longer willing to be taken for a ride, and be pushed aside for other agendas. The union intends on doing the impossible and that is receiving the offer as requested”.

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Issued by: NUPSAW, 814 Church Street, Eastwood 0086