The Government as the employer has added salt to the injury by tabling an insulting revised offer of 5.3% for this year’s salary adjustment from their opening offer of 5.2%. This offer was tabled
at the PSCBC (Public Service Co-ordinating Bargaining Council in Centurion on Thursday, 20 May 2010.

The employer further aggravated the situation when she refused to budge on our demand for equalisation of subsidy for medical aid and only indicated its willingness to discuss the Housing allowance
demand only in July 2010.

All these are against the background of the moderate joint labour demands which are : salary increase of 11%; full implementation of all outstanding matters on the resolution 1 of2007 in particular immediate increase of the housing allowance from R500 to R1 650 and equalisation of medical aid subsidy to all medical aids that public servants belong to. These demands enjoy the backing of all Cosatu and ILC (Independent Lacour Caucus) unions.

All the unions declared a deadlock in the PSCBC which left the way wide open for unions to refer the dispute. In the interest of having these getting a speedy resolution to the above deadlock the National Union of Public Service and Allied Workers (NUPSAW) referred the dispute to the PSCBC on Friday afternoon. The PSCBC
has written to all the union’s party to the PSCBC to indicate within 7 (seven) days if the would want to be joint to this dispute since in the view of the PSCBC they have an interest in the matter.

We are hopeful that the other unions will join NUPSAW in the above dispute by Monday 24 May 2010. We would like to see this dispute resolved long before the World Cup since action may be disruptive.

The Unions party to the PSCBC are:

DENOSA – Cosatu
NEHAWU – Cosatu
POPCRU – Cosatu
SADTU – Cosatu

Issued by:
Nat. Union of Pub. Serv. & Allied Workers(NUPSAW)

Success Mataitsane – General Secretary
Cell : 082 553 8465  082 553 8465