Last week the Minister of DPSA requested indulgence to review his offer of R620 on Housing Allowance. In the Public Service union’s meeting, yesterday’s the government tabled a revised Housing-Allowance offer of R630. In essence, the government’s ludicrous offer is the difference of R10.

The response from the government can only mean that the union’s demands have fallen unto the deaf ears. NUPSAW still stands on their demands:

Salary increase – 8.6%
Housing Allowance – R1000 per month
The equalisation of Medical-aid subsidy
Implementation date – 1 April 2010.

The medical-aid system that is currently in place discriminates against those workers who are not members GEMS (Government Employees Medical Scheme):

A GEMS member medical-aid maximum monthly subsidy equals – R2,700
Non-GEMS member medical-aid maximum monthly subsidy equals – R1, 014

Also, as NUPSAW we believe that our demand for Housing Allowance will add a considerable improvement on home-ownership. Especially now that some of the members of the public have been turned into nomads; earning slightly much to qualify for an RDP (Reconstruction and Development Program) house but too little to qualify for a home loan.

NUPSAW firmly rejects the government’s offer. The union has exhausted and complied with all the negotiations processes to reach an amicable agreement but again the employer shows no interest in addressing the union’s demands. We, therefore, call on our members to start picketing as of Monday during the lunch-break hour and strike action to follow on 5 July. The strike action will mark rolling mass action to ensure maximum destruction.

For inquiries please contact:
Nomthandazo Mahlangu

Issued by:
NUPSAW, 814 Church Street, Eastwood 0083