The Minister called the meeting on Friday, to inform the ILC of his intention to apply for the interdict due to the high level of intimidation. On Saturday government was granted a court order by Labour Court prohibiting ‘essential service’ servants from participating in the current strike action.

NUPSAW though not defying the government’s court order assures the members that the current strike is protected. We acknowledge the interdict but the process that the government needs to follow is first to issue an ultimatum. Even then the government will have to adhere to labour procedure in issuing the workers with a specific time period to return to work before taking any actions. We believe the court order is one of the tactics used by the government to intimidate the workers in forcing them to abandon the industrial action.

NUPSAW maintains that its position on ‘essential services’ is still 80% on strike and 20% to render essential service, from the minimum service agreement. The objective of the industrial action is to put pressure on the employer therefore not all services can be rendered as usual. The minister cannot call off the strike nor can he bar public servants from participating in a strike, it is a constitutional right that even he cannot disregard.

The union still maintains that all the demands must be treated as a package and though willing to engage the government on our demands we are not willing to accept anything less than the 8.6% and R1000 Housing-Allowance. NUPSAW will be approaching the court to challenge the governments’ court order by Wednesday 25 September 2010.

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