The National Union of Public Service and Allied workers (NUPSAW) calls upon all South Africans to celebrate the World Ranger day on July 31st.In celebrating this remarkable day, NUPSAW pays respect to those ranges who dedicated their lives in protecting our heritage. Many rangers were injured and others succumbed to death in the hands of poachers, while in the line of duty to protect our national assets.

“While our attention is on the World Ranger Day commemoration, our hearts sink in sadness when we see media reports on continuous deaths of our rangers. Such incident happened last week when we lost one of our rangers in Kruger National Park, just a few days before World Ranger Day,” said Success Mataitsane, NUPSAW General Secretary.

NUPSAW calls on Government for the protection of our Field Rangers. Many rangers lose their lives while protecting our heritage, yet they have minimal protection from the government. A lot of campaigns are intended for awareness against rhino poaching and elephant ivory, and less so on awareness towards the protection of our rangers.

It is our job as trade unions to make sure that we root out any form of unfair treatment towards workers by employers and that workers are protected, the government is in no preclusion.

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Success Mataitsane
NUPSAW General Secretary
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Issued by:
Thariza Steyn, Media Officer
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