The trade union NUPSAW conducted a peaceful protest action with its 80 members at Onderstepoort Biological Products (OBP) today to highlight the plights of our comrades.

The action is a result of the reluctance of OPBPs management to meaningfully engage with NUPSAW in excess of 20 bargaining forum meetings internally and 2 conciliation meetings at CCMA. The deadlock has prompted the CCMA to issue a Certificate of Non-resolution to NUPSAW, to embark on this protected industrial action under the auspices of Section 77 of the Labour Relations Act (LRA).

Employers own the means of production whereas employees can only offer their labour in return for compensation in the form of wages. Our labour is often seen as a mere commodity and a statistic that can be shifted to balance the company books. Internally, there is a blatant lack of compliance with legislation, regulations and policies, with no repercussions.

As a stakeholder, we have the responsibility to play an oversight role in the interest of the employees and the organization in the interest of good governance. We will continue to put our workers first by demanding better working conditions for all.

NUPSAW brought the following demands to the Employer:
1. A 7,5% salary increase across the board for the 2018/19 financial year
2. Implement the following benefits:
Housing allowance of R3 000,00
Medical aid subsidy of R2500,00
13th Cheque
Danger allowance
3. Delinking of the Performance Management Policy from the Remuneration policy.
4. All HR policies are deemed as collective agreements.
5. We demand a bonus pay-out.
6. Implement market salary benchmarking by end of quarter 4 of 2018/19.
7. Insource security and gardening services.
8. Appointment a permanent CEO with immediate effect.
9. Declare term of office of Executives to be 5 years performance based.


This protest action highlights the plight of our cause in improving the lives of our workers while investing our labour services to the employer. We will continue to campaign to find immediate and practical solutions, in order for the organisation to meet its strategic goal of the provision of food security in the country.

NUPSAW has afforded OBPs Management a period of 72 hours from the receipt of the Memorandum to revert to NUPSAW on the aforementioned demands.

For more information:
Maurice Makatu
Cell 082 067 0782 / 081 454 1509

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The General Secretary
Success Mataitsane, Cell 082 553 8465

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