All the disputes and ongoing strike between NUPSAW and DIS-CHEM PHARMACIES has been settled on 27 March 2019.

The parties agreed in short as follows:

Date to Return to Work

The employees will return to work on 10 April 2019, which is officially called the End Date of the strike, or on the first working day after the End Date. **

Employees who do not return to work within three working days of the End Date will by way of agreement between the parties, be deemed to have permanently abandoned their employment.


  • Dis-Chem agreed to pay pro-rata bonuses to all employees who qualified and who were not paid their bonus for the year ending 2018.
  • An employee who has already received any erroneous and/or interim payments while on strike, will only receive the balance of the bonus after those payments have been deducted.
  • The payment of the bonus will be done with the ordinary salary run at the end of April. The dispute in relation to this aspect is withdrawn.
  • Bonus Policy From 2019 onwards, the bonus policy will be amended to no longer apply a forfeiture of the bonus payment in relation to those employees who still have valid final written warnings on file, and at the time that any future bonuses are declared and paid. The remaining terms of the bonus policy will, however, continue to apply.

Misconduct during strike

Dis-Chem retains its rights to take disciplinary action for misconduct during the strike as well as its rights in relation to the cost orders granted in its favour by the Labour Court.

** The purpose of the End Date is to allow Dis-Chem to arrange its operational requirements accordingly.

Nupsaw members protesting for a minimum wage and improved working conditions, Dis-Chem, Midrand.