The president said it was crucial for the size of the government to respond to the efficient use of the public funds. This was set to start right after the 8th  May 2019. NUPSAW hopes that this was no shop talk where empty promises are made as we have seen the list that has gone rounds with the names of those that are alleged to have gained their way to the parliament although the presidency denies it.

NUPSAW wishes the list is not anything accurate because the element of recycling useless and corrupt individuals seems to be the building block of the ANC government. This happens even after the allegations of corruption against certain people emerged. For the Union, it would make sense for the president to cut half the current cabinet considering economic depression that the country is faced with.

It is in everybody’s interest that the President discards all those individuals who have been implicated not only in the state capture but also those who have underperformed in their portfolios. Management of internal forces within the ruling party does not and will never serve the government nor people’s needs, instead, it drives away investors and stakeholders who are in a position to resuscitate the economy of the country to fight poverty, inequality, and unemployment which are the pandemics that South Africa is faced with.

The rand depends on who constitutes the cabinet as the markets and rating agencies are gawking, it is a common cause that economic inflation has a serious impact on the working class. It is vital that when the President chooses who constitutes the cabinet he considers the dire consequences, the rand could fall, food and petrol prices could rise, that can only worsen the matter of inequality and even opportunities.

On Saturday, 25 May 2019, the President of the Republic of South Africa is to be inaugurated, it is NUPSAW’s desire that all those promises that were made pre-election will see the light of the day, that they were not only the bait to lobby constituents support. It is time we saw the radical changes that our South Africa need.