This follows the incident where a leopard killed a 30 months old baby within the Kruger National Park Premises at Malelane Ranger.

It has been reported that 14 lions are on the loose in Limpopo, it is alleged that they escaped from the Kruger National Park. It has been also been assumed that an elephant that killed a security guard at a mine in Limpopo had escaped from Kruger National Park. One wonders the role of the management at KNP. The government itself has been silent as a grave despite constant reports of such horrific incidents at the Kruger National Park.

For the past few years, NUPSAW has been concerned about the safety of workers at KNP. The Union has been calling for the development of safety and protection of employees against any hazardous incidents that could occur. The management does not heed to any of our calls they only pretend to sympathise with workers when lives have been lost while in fact, they do not care about employees but their stomachs.

Despite the commendable job done by those employees, giving up their lives to ensure our heritage conservation against predators their lives are at risk. On a daily basis KNP employees risk their lives, they live in fear while there is no initiative from the government in terms of protection against poachers and against animal predators.

NUPSAW would like to send heartfelt condolences to the family of the 30 months old baby who was killed by a leopard at Kruger National Park and to the family of the security guard who was trampled by an elephant to death.

While the management at KNP together with the government drags their feet, lives are being lost on their account and NUPSAW will not let this lying down. NUPSAW will fight for employee’s rights until justice prevails.