The National Union of Public Service and Allied Workers (NUPSAW) believes that the dismal performance of the anti-workers party (the ANC) in the recent local government elections is a significant victory for the working class.

As NUPSAW, we pride ourselves on being independent of any political affiliation, but we are not a-political. We cannot escape the fact that political decisions have a considerable bearing on the working-class community.

It’s for that reason that the erosion of the ANC along with its alliance partners provides a renewed sense of hope. The hope that workers can at least earn decent wages and provide for their families, be treated fairly and not be backstabbed by those tasked with looking out for their interests.

The relationship between the ruling government and the union federation Cosatu – which has become a shadow of its former self, has helped maintain the status quo for far too long. The working conditions have worsened with the tripartite alliance at the helm of leadership.

Over the years, we have observed that whenever the government imposes draconian policies on workers or negotiate in bad faith, the lap-dog unions that share a bed with the employer mislead workers to maintain their bedroom privileges.

That is why we see the poor performance of the ANC as a win for the workers. This is without doubt, the beginning of the end for the party that has subjected workers to the greatest form of abuse. If a party can treat its very own employees like they did, how can we expect them to treat the entire working class fraternity any different? The ANC failed to pay their own workers at Luthuli house, and yet, senior leaders were taking home hundreds of thousands of rands every month.

This is no different to what they are doing in government. They tell workers that there’s no money available to finance wage increases, yet those in leadership receive undue annual increments without fail.

As NUPSAW, which is the fastest-growing union in the country, we have been advocating for workers rights without any political string attached. As long the workers ‘ agenda is upheld, we are not interested in who emerges as a winner in the coalition arrangements. Otherwise, we will do unto them what we did to the dying ANC.