“Your half-hearted apology Mr President is not accepted do us a favour and leave office” … Success Mataistane NUPSAW General Secretary National Union of Public Service and Allied workers (NUPSAW), welcomes the judgement handed down by the honourable Chie Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng…Be that as it may, our President did undermineContinue Reading

“There is no need to further negotiate the new taxation laws they should be scrapped’’, Success Mataitsane NUPSAW General Secretary. Yesterday, Tuesday 16 February 2016; as NUPSAW, we had a meeting with Nedlac in Rosebank to do-away with the implementation of the New Taxation Laws Amendment Act 2015. It givesContinue Reading

“Unions who have signed the salary agreement with Government have betrayed their members by not being honest with them. They are confusing first-time participants with new entrants in the Public Service”, says NUPSAW Trade Union’s General Secretary, Success Mataitsane. The agreement with clause 4.2 stipulating “The qualifying period for theContinue Reading